3. Credits

3.1. Acknowledgments

For details on the partners, members, and supporters of NWB:N please the http://www.nwb.org/ project website. For specific contributions to the format specification and this document see the change logs of the Git repository at https://github.com/NeurodataWithoutBorders/nwb-schema .

3.2. Authors

3.2.1. NWB:N: Version 2.0.0 and later

Documentation for Version 2 of the NWB:N specification and later have been created by Oliver Ruebel and Andrew Tritt et al. in collaboration with the NWB:N community.

3.2.2. NWB:N: Version 1.0.x and earlier

The specification language and corresponding documentation for Version 1.0.5g (and earlier) of the NWB file format were created by Jeff Teeters et al. as part of the first NWB pilot project. The documents for NWB:N 2 have been adopted from the final version of format docs released by the original NWB pilot project.